Using inventive teaching strategies in enhancing the overall development of your children.

Child Care Curriculum

For our Child Care program, we use The Creative Curriculum as basis for the teaching strategies implemented to effectively build a foundation of learning in your child.

  • Infant, Toddlers, and Two’s

    Experiences and routines are the structure of this curriculum. We integrate age-appropriate activities that are designed to coincide with specific routines or experiences to develop the child’s language, literacy, math, science, physical development, social, and emotional skills.

  • Prekindergarten

    Our Preschool program continues to focus on hands-on, project-based learning to fully encourage the children to accomplish tasks and provide them insight through each activity. Our teachers start cultivating their sense of individuality through approaches that promote character-building and enrich their minds in basic concepts in math, literacy, science, speech, and physical education.

Elementary Curriculum

For our Elementary program, we implement advanced teaching strategies from Common Core to enhance every aspect of your children’s development.

  • Math
    Learning math concepts is a crucial skill in attaining academic excellence. It is a factor in future college achievements and career growth. Therefore, we integrate a creative approach to providing activities that enhance their numerical reasoning, operational skills, and problem-solving to build a strong foundation and a deeper understanding of the subject area.
  • Science
    Our science curriculum uses interactive and educational modules to effectively introduce science concepts to your children. This enables children not only absorb information through lectures and reading tasks but also apply these concepts to have a more comprehensive understanding of the topics being discussed.
  • Social Studies
    Introducing Social Studies to your children trains them to be informed of past and current events and become active citizens in our country’s growth. Aside from giving them textbook information about what they need to know, we also implement hands-on activities to reinforce their knowledge on the information they have learned. We hold group discussions to give your kids a chance to learn from and share their ideas with their peers.
  • English Language Arts and Reading
    Our curriculum in English Language Arts and Reading improves your children’s literacy and language skills, exposing them to literary and non-literary works to increase their capability in writing, researching, and reading. This serves as a foundation in formulating their own opinions, which is crucial in establishing their own individuality and autonomy.

If you want a more thorough discussion about the curriculum we offer, you can reach us through our hotline or send us a message.

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